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為使共融經濟,能更有效益的在每個領域進行對話與連結,瑭譯國際以跨界連結為出發點,期連結不同領域製造業的公司,包含 銘機實業股份有限公司以及 玉宗股份有限公司,以藝術跨界服務的概念,提供企業藝術形象締結以及企業生產合作商業擴展。

In order to enable an inclusive Economy of Communion, dialogue and connection in each field, which can be more effective, and we take crosover collaboration as the starting point and expecting  to connect companies in different fields of manufacturing. Including Mingji Industrial Co., Ltd. and UG Paper Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., with the concept of artistic crossover collaboration services provide corporate artistic image conclusion and corporate production cooperation business expansion.
At the same time, we will practice the core value of the economy of communion - culture of sharing, also take the spirit of yeast to enable enterprises to create better quality and service together through connections.