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這個設計並獲得經濟部智慧財產局核准為新型專利,其專利號為 M547153。並將以三種陳列地點進行宣告,台南市一文創園區附近商圈、嘉義市藝術家自宅外、台南成功大學藝術中心穿廊。
This idea comes from the hope that the creation of the city in all possible time, can be immersed in the art of the atmosphere and exhibition, The first thing to be introduced is to let the artist have an action exhibition hall belonging to his own; from the point of view of art priceless. Artists are invited to share and present their creative ideas and present their works at the same time, allowing the community to field consumption mechanism, to have their art works. So put forward in the city to share as the art movement, it’s named "Art Vending machine "exhibition and sales model, as the artist to the public consumption habits of the mechanism, so that their works of art involved in the community will be the life of the citizen.

This design and access to the Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Bureau approved as a new patent, its patent number is 106206501. And will be announced in three exhibition sites, Tainan City, a text near the park business district, Chiayi City artists from home, Tainan a private art alternative space.