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盧銘琪 Lu Mingqi


自1978年至今參與無計其數展覽與競書且不斷獲獎,更於2011年獲得「桃城美展」書法類第一名,累積了相當厚實的創作經驗,持之有恆追尋她自我的書藝天地。 盧銘琪女士更是台灣唯一一位獲日本書藝員的殊榮,銘琪老師在嘉義社區大學擔任書法教學,學生的年齡範圍廣及老、中、青三代,皆能在銘琪老師的教學之下,領略書法精湛的忘我藝術性呈現的境界。

Chiayi female calligrapher, Miss Lu Mingqi, born in 1961.
When she was eight-year-old she admission into the well-known talented woman Zhang Lide and female history founded the " Mysterious wind calligraphy Aassociation ", under the contemporary calligrapher Mr. Chen Ding Chi. Miss Lu Mingqi was learned calligraphy for twenty-six years, because of its talented qualifications and diligent study, mentor is extremely appreciated and loved.Bitter research exquisite to enhance the Lu’s calligraphy style.

Since 1978 to participate in countless exhibitions and exhibitions and continue to win the best place, especially in 2011 she earned Taoyuan City Art competition, calligraphy first class award, accumulated a creative experience, holding a constant pursuit of her own. Ms. Lu Mingqi is the only one by the Japanese calligraphy artist's honor. Ming Qi also teache in Chiayi community college calligraphy class, the age range of students and the old, middle and green three generations. Experience the realm of exquisite artistry.

曾永玲 Zeng Yong Ling

曾永玲,臺北人,畢業於美國奧瑞岡大學美術與應用美術研究所,主修珠寶設計與金屬創作,從事金工教學、金工產品開發與金屬工藝創作近二十年,與ZAMAMA金屬物件工作室團隊發展美學生活產品,並參與多項國內外文創展覽,包含:「平城遷都1300年紀念展-日中韓現代金工展」、「兩岸城市藝術節-臺北縣文化藝術週」、「臺灣設計博覽會」、「第一屆臺灣國際文化創意產業博覽會設計生活館」…等大型展覽。 作品創作經由雷射切割、鋁陽極處理、RP成型技術,融合軟性的手染、塑型、鍛敲、刷紋的表現,結合金屬工藝表現技法並導入多層次手染技法,可呈現鋁合金物件的現代性與多樣性,使金屬呈現了感性的氣質,並呈現當代金工的特質。

Zeng Yong Ling, graduated from the University of Oregon Art and Applied Art Institute, majoring in jewelry design and metal creation, engaged in metalworking, metalworking product development and metal craft creation for nearly two decades, and ZAMAMA metal objects studio team The development of aesthetics and living products, and participate in a number of domestic and foreign cultural exhibition, including: "Pingcheng moved to 1300 years commemorative exhibition - Japan and South Korea modern gold industry exhibition", "cross-strait city art festival - Taipei County Culture and Art Week", "Taiwan Design Expo" "The first Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo Design and Living Museum" ... and other large-scale exhibition.

Works by laser cutting, aluminum anode treatment, RP molding technology, the integration of soft hand dyeing, plastic, forging, brushing the performance of the combination of metal technology techniques and the introduction of multi-level hand dyeing techniques, can present aluminum objects The modernity and diversity of the metal presents the emotional temperament, and presents the characteristics of contemporary metalworking.